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It’s no mystery that fresh garlic is one of the most popular, versatile ingredients ever. What remains relatively unknown, however, are the distinct flavor, quality and health differences associated with varying garlic varieties. Christopher Ranch, a family farm in Gilroy, Calif., grows a California heirloom garlic that is a leader in each category. All Garlic Is Not Created Equal. We’ll show you why.

Breakfast neighbors I had breakfast next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon yesterday.

True, this has absolutely nothing to do with garlic or my post, but I can’t stop thinking about it and thought it was a good attention grabber.

Okay – it’s out of my system. We can proceed. However, for all of you wondering, they are both as good looking – if not more so – than they appear on the big screen.

Where was I? Oh, yes…back to California heirloom garlic.

So, I came across an interesting and appropriate article (particularly after a three-day celebratory weekend, which consisted of overconsumption in every form)… “10 Delicious Dishes That May Help Boost Brain Function & Concentration,” according to Food & Wine.

I could use five servings of every dish right now, and I imagine most would welcome a dose of brain power and focus.

I was particularly intrigued by these recipes, however, because fresh garlic is included in three of the 10.

Translation – eating California heirloom garlic makes you smarter. While we can’t absolutely prove this (alas, we aren’t scientists), there is probable truth, as fresh garlic is high in Vitamin B (a brain stimulant), a blood thinner (likely increasing blood flow to the brain), antioxidant and antiviral (general promoters of good health).

In addition to garlic, several other foods, known for brain-strengthening components, were incorporated into these genius dishes, such as:
Almonds – Vitamin E “may help slow cognitive decline;”
Tuna, pomegranate seeds, salmon, walnuts, mackerel – Omega 3 fatty acids “important for brain function;”
Dark chocolate – Natural caffeine “quick-fix for enhancing concentration;”
Whole wheat – Vitamin B “important for brain function;”
Avocado – Monounsaturated fats “may help enhance blood flow to the brain” and
Eggs – Choline “may help memory development.”

The 10 recipes were as follows:

Farfalle with Zucchini and Parsley-Almond Pesto

Grilled Salmon with Preserved Lemon and Green Olives

Deep, Dark Chocolate Pudding

Honeyed Yogurt and Blueberry Tart with Ginger Crust

Avocado & Onion Salad

Dark-Chocolate Bark with Walnuts and Dried Cherries

Spanish Mackerel Escabèche

Linguine with Escarole, Tuna and Sun-dried Tomato Sauce

Hard-Cooked Eggs with Crisp Anchovy Crumbs

Tuna Scallopine with Parsley and Pomegranate Seeds

I can’t guarantee these recipes will elevate you to prodigy status, but a little scrumptious health and brain power never hurt anyone.

I bet Jake and Reese eat these dishes.


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