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It’s no mystery that fresh garlic is one of the most popular, versatile ingredients ever. What remains relatively unknown, however, are the distinct flavor, quality and health differences associated with varying garlic varieties. Christopher Ranch, a family farm in Gilroy, Calif., grows a California heirloom garlic that is a leader in each category. All Garlic Is Not Created Equal. We’ll show you why.


I’m reeking, I mean reeling, with the news that Beyonce is gaga for garlic. I should have known that’s where the diva-tacular Sasha Fierce gets her sass, spirit, radiance and energy. I just hope the spicy, garlic-coated chicken legs she craves are coated in California garlic. Girl, don’t put anything other than the real deal on them – bold, flavorful CR California Garlic. Your platinum pipes deserve the very best. (B, if you send me your recipe, there’s some California garlic in it for you.)

Christopher Ranch is anxiously awaiting the appearance of its new diva – Green Garlic. Our first harvest is scheduled to come in in the next few days – possibly National Garlic Day, April 19, (how appropriate) – so we’re getting ready to roll out the green carpet! This tender beauty will make your favorite foods sing.

There are only 100 days left until the Gilroy Garlic Festival. It’s the diva of all food fests, the largest and most spectacular of its kind in the world. Mark the date, July 23-25, for three days of fun, cook-offs, music, friendly people, and the number one reason 100,000 garlic lovers show up every year – delectable, garlicious, food, food, food. Christopher Ranch is the Official Garlic of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, natch!

If you’re ready to wash down these tidbits, and celebrate your inner diva or divo (you know who you are…), try this tasty little beverage. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:


1½     oz. vodka

½        oz. fresh lime juice

1          tbls. cherry juice

½       oz. passion fruit juice

Club soda or 7-UP

Christopher Ranch Pickled Garlic Cloves

Fill a tall glass or Collins glass with ice and add the first 4 ingredients. Top off with club soda or 7-up. Garnish with a cherry, lime wedge, and at least 2 Christopher Ranch Pickled Garlic Cloves. Oooh, I can taste it… diva-licious.


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